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Daniel has been described by many as a man who is a "jack of all trades" His artistic abilities were recognized early in life in the form of music. In addition to being a well rounded musician, he has several orchestral compositions to his credit. After high school, he left those pursuits to immerse himself in the study of medicine. From there, he worked in biostatistics, cancer research, and medical student education. While he loved teaching, he finally settled into a medicolegal career working at the forefront in medical megligence and medical product liability litigation.

With a busy career and family, his love of artistic expression was never forgotten. In 2011, he had the privilege of collaborating with several aspiring models. As he continued to improve, local model and talent agencies began to notice and send some of their best talent for test shooting. While he has far more to learn about the industry, he aspires one day to be a highly respected photographer in the fashion industry.

Daniel Patrick McBride



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